As readers of my previous blogs will know, I am an unashamed technogeek. I make no apologies for this – sad as it is for a 50 something chartered accountant – but I like to think it is one of my few vices and mostly harmless, if not, at times, somewhat expensive.

One of the darker sides to my obsession is an uncontrollable urge to do things to my various gadgets which I know deep down will end in tears, but which I have to do to discover what the result will be.

When looking at various computer programmes or working on a complicated spreadsheet, my dark urge takes the form of pressing what I call the “Oh sh.t” key. I know it will be disastrous but it just calls to be pressed.

I did this once when setting up my contacts on Linked In. I ending up inviting the whole of my Outlook address book – causing as you might imagine some bemused responses.

My latest lapse was with my pride and joy -my Iphone. I recently upgraded to the Iphone 3Gs – a great piece of kit if ever there was one. Who else has a phone with its own compass – pointless, yes, but fun all the same. My Iphone was jailbroken which means I can run it on the network of my choice and use some pretty nifty applications which for reasons known only to Apple are not available in the standard application store.

Apple have just upgraded the software to version 3.1. I know that a jailbreak version for this was just round the corner but could I wait….

The result, I now have a fully featured Ipod but can I make phone calls – no I can’t. I now have to wait until the fix becomes available.

If anyone knows of a clinic somewhere which will cure me of this, please let me know..just don’t phone me.