Accountants…get joined up!

I have just been working on a particular client project that has involved, amongst other things, the preparation of a number of sets of accounts. I have been using the report writer functionality in my online accounting system and this has enabled me to seamlessly prepare the accounts using the same bookkeeping data without having to transfer data between applications and additionally, any late adjustments only have to be entered once – in one set of figures.

I have written about this before but being able to use effectively the same portal of information – client data, accountants adjustments and statutory account preparation – has to be the way processes need to be undertaken in this digital world. After all as a client, if their are two ways for your accountant to approach a task – one more efficient and speedier than the other – wouldn’t you – shouldn’t you – insist that that is the way it is done.

With so many Cloud systems out there – each offering something slightly different, accountants are really spoilt for choice, there really is no excuse for professional advisors not to use the most efficient method of processing their clients data – and could they not be considered less than professional if they don’t opt for the best.

Ultimately clients will decide on what they want and how they want their work dealt with – accountants need to get joined up now.