Cloud Computing White Paper….a statement of the obvious.

An article in Accountancy Age “Cloud computing will alter landscape” caught my attention. It is reporting on a recently published white paper by Aqilla which in itself quotes Gartner’s prediction that in the next 12 months we are likely to see a spike in the industry with the market expanding by two thirds to $16bn (£9.6bn) by 2013.

To those of us involved with Cloud Computing, the above is not really a startling revelation – we know the advantages and the benefits. What is interesting however, is the growth, somewhere, in the takeup of cloud computing and SaaS.

I say somewhere because, certainly in the accountancy profession, the growth in takeup is, at best, slow. There are now numerous online providers and the enduser is in fact spoilt by choice. Numerous providers are reporting increases in users and on the continent, Scandinavia and the Netherlands in partcular, Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming the norm.

I am wondering if users and the profession in the UK don’t really realise that they use “the Cloud” in many of their IT activities. A large number of us use Online Banking – one of the first examples of Cloud Computing. The Profession is being forced down the Cloud road (apologies for the mixed metaphor) by none other than HM Revenue and Customs with the online filing of tax and VAT returns.

As I have written previously, the grip on the UK market by Sage is not doing anyone any favours and perhaps if they ever launch their online version the empasis may change.

In the meantime it is down to the many entrepreneurial Cloud providers out there to keep pushing the concept and slowly but surely it will gain traction.