Cloud Connectivity

There are many well known advantages to working in the Cloud – not least, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere working.

One of the least discussed aspects, however, is the ability to connect to and import from – or export to – other software applications, whether cloud based or desktop based. This enables automatic transfer of information between packages such as databases, accounts software and other systems.

This is done using the programme’s API (for the technical this stands for Application Programming Interface) – which is basically the language that enables different packages to talk to each other. e-conomic has a very flexible API interface which enables communication to a wide variety of different applications.

In a seminar that I gave recently, I explained how my accounting practice used e-conomic with virtually all of our clients to prepare monthly management accounts, VAT returns and outsourcing functions. However, when it came to annual statutory accounts production, I looked for a package that I could use which would allow an easy transfer of information from e-conomic.

I chose Caseware which through the API of both packages allows me to work with our clients using all the benefits of the Cloud – all entries are recorded in e-conomic including the normal accounts finalisation adjustments such as Directors bonuses, dividends and tax provisions. At the point when the Trial Balance has been finalised, I can then switch to Caseware, which is hosted on Hosted Desktop, and literally at the touch of a button, I can import the Trial Balance (or if required, the entries) into Caseware and complete the statutory accounts in an a time efficient and cost effective manner.

Many users of e-conomic who are in the fashion industry tend to use an industry specific system such as Zedonk for organising their production schedules, styles and stock call off etc. Sales invoices raised in Zedonk are automatically recorded in e-conomic thus avoiding duplication and ensuring synchronisation between both systems.
There are many examples of working with the API and maximising the benefits of working in the Cloud.