So- I have been included in a list. I may have been included in lists before, but they were probably ones which were not of great interest. But this list is the creme de la creme. It is Accounting Web’s Ten accountants to follow on Twitter list.

Ok, admittedly I am at number 10 and my 55 followers are a mere drop in the ocean when compared to the likes of @dahowlett but its a start.

The interesting point about this, of course, (apart from my 15 minutes of fame) is the way that Twitter can be used for a business and professional purpose. Much has been written on the subject already – but the networking benefits that can arise from using Twitter are a much underplayed benefit.

Likewise, it is an alternative or more personal approach to RSS feeds – a source of interesting articles, posts and technical information and serves as an excellent medium for publicising ones particular cause or issue.

To those of my professional colleagues who have yet to discover this medium, I would strongly recommend that it is worth investigating.

As for me, I will enjoy my 15 minutes – as the words of the song go.. after 25 years it doesnt mean a thing.. but its nice to know!