Head in the Cloud – feet on the Ground?

I have been working hard on the set up for my “big new client”. A major element of the brief was the change over from their existing Sage accounting system to E-conomic a Cloud based SaaS application. As part of the process, the client has requested that we bring into E-conomic, the historical data so that there is a full history available.

This is by no means a unique situation and for anyone considering the transition from on premise to Cloud will need to consider the ease with which large amounts of data can be transferred. In this instance there were some 15,000 entries which needed to be uploaded and I took on the challenge with my usual enthusiasm and flair (!).

As with all tasks of this nature, pre-planning is essential and having carefully reviewed the extracted Sage data with which I had been presented I set about some preliminary data sorting requirements prior to commencing the import.

Different SaaS applications will handle these imports in their own way but the important issue is that they can be done with some preliminary preparation. This is of vital importance and the significance of the data import facility is that it provides that essential link between the on premise and the Cloud.

For the “biblical” amongst us it is like Jacob’s Ladder connecting Heaven to Earth or perhaps – more realistically – the digital umbilical cord connecting the old and the new.

As for my data import – it went like a dream and I can strongly recommend it as a stress busting exercise – for when it works it is strangely satisfying!