ITV – not keeping up with the times

The news that ITV has sufferred from a loss in advertising revenues is not really surpriisng. Obviously, the current recession will have been a major factor but so would the change in in peoples viewing habits.

With an increase in the use of systems such as Sky +, viewers can now choose what to watch and when – and more importantly, skip through the numerous and somewhat annoying advert breaks. I am an unashamedly ardent tv viewer and I would estimate that 85% of my viewing is now at my time specification from programmes I have recordedon Sky+.

ITV and other commercial broadcasters need to change their financial model as “shift” viewing increases in popularity. I am not suggesting what that model should be – cleverer minds than mind need to address that – but change they must.

Online viewing will increase in popularity – viewers  have been enfranchised and can now decide what to watch and when to watch it – and TV providers need to adapt to survive.