Oh Brave New World…

Continuing my research into Gadgets new (that’s my excuse!), I have acquired the new Kindle ebook reader from Amazon – and I am very impressed.

This is not my first foray into the world of ebooks as I have been using a Sony PRS 505 for a year now but the advantages of the Kindle are immediately apparent. The main one is its own 3G wireless network which enables books, newspapers and magazines to be downloaded directly onto the Kindle without the need of a PC connection. It is, in fact, an Ipod for books which is a pretty neat concept.

I like the concept of subscribing to a newspaper or magazine and have it downloaded automatically to the Kindle. I realise the same thing happens every morning with my actual newspaper which appears as if by magic through my letterbox – irrespective of the weather! – but its not quite the same thing.

I remember some years ago taking my, then teenage son, (he is now a father in his own right) to an exhibition at the Science Museum based on Star Trek. One of the more serious themes was how the then imagined technology had become reality – the communicator – aka the mobile phone for example. A number of items had still to become reality but the ebook is one of them. Even the digital pad that I signed to confirm receipt of the book had been imagined in the series – although the pretty ensign in the impossibly short dress that constantly presented something seemingly important to Captain Kirk for signature was a great improvement over the rather surley delivery man who arrived at my doorstep on a wet and cold morning.

..And that is what is so intriguing in this technological age. We really are only limited by the extent of our imagination and what once appeared in a cult sci – fi series is now reality.

Brave New World indeed … although I am still waiting to talk to a machine in the wall and say..”tea – Earl Grey -hot!”. Maybe next year!