The Cloud – a silver lining?

When I first became involved with Cloud Computing about 9 years ago (I didn’t realise it was called Cloud Computing then let alone SaaS!), Easycounting was one of the only internet accounting models arround.

The major issue then was convincing practitioners that the concept was valid and how it would increase efficiencies and improve client service by working more closely with live data etc. A difficult task which, after all this time, has not really become that much easier.

What is interesting is that there is now a plethora of SaaS providers with a variety of excellent and increasingly sophisticated products. The market has really opened up and the end user is spoilt for choice – if only he realised it.

Whilst this is excellent news for Cloud Computing and a major step to its acceptance as mainstream, it has exacerbated the sales problems for the providers – now, not only do they have to convince the end user of the validity of the concept they also have to prove the superiority of their own product.

A natural result of the increase in popularity perhaps – but double the work!