The Cloud – I defy you not to use it!

I am grateful to my friend Mark Davis for spending time with me yesterday and giving me a demonstration of Twinfield. I will not in this blog go through the aspects of the system (I am currently working on a comparison of the various accounting offerings) but what struck me after the demonstration was the sophistication of products such as E-conomic,Twinfield, Kashflow and others.

The functionality of these applications is truly impressive and there is virtually nothing that can’t be done in a Cloud application as compares with it’s on premise counterpart.

When you factor in cost, flexibility, 24/7 anytime anywhere access, client collaboration etc, etc, etc I am at a loss to comprehend any reason not to use it.

I mentioned recently the problems of rolling out some standard tax software throughout my organisation. Coping with DVD’s, the vagaries of dear old Microsoft – you know the situation, action A works on machine 1 but not on machine 2 – seemed like reverting to a bygone age.

What is more efficient – logging in to your browser and getting your application update automatically – for free, or paying an annual licence fee, waiting for enhancements and then having to install them throughout your organisation?

Using the argument that what has been used for years sort of works so why change, no longer holds water. I would go so far as to say that accountants who don’t adopt the cloud are actually doing a disservice to their clients as they are not operating as efficiently as they could.

The world has moved on, most of the arguments against – speed, security – are no longer valid (if they ever were). The Cloud has grown up and his rapidly maturing.

I defy you not to use it!