The IPad – I can’t wait

Unfortunately, I am not one of the select few who had the opportunity to get their hands on the new IPad at the recent Apple Launch last week. So my views are based solely on what I have read and seen about the product having watched the presentation by Steve Jobs (what a great marketer!)

The first impression is that in look and feel, it is a large Iphone – and if that is so, it is no bad thing. Those of us who are committed Iphone users know how the slick interface and responsive touch works so well -so to have this on a larger scale is great. That any of the Iphone applications will also work on the IPad interface provides a seamless integration of the two items. It wont be too long, I am sure, before the hackers have done their work and there will be the Cydia equivalent for the Ipad which would be terrific.

The continuing lack of flash is an interesting omission – one that is more political, I suspect, than practical and it will be interesting to see where this goes in the future. The introduction of the Ibook store will prove to be direct competition to Amazon’s Kindle. I have been using the Kindle for the last few weeks and it is a positive experience. How the Ipad interface and screen will work with this remains to be seen but the graphical interface looks appealing.

Whether the Ipad can be used in place of a laptop remains to be seen – the fact that a dock and a keyboard is provided as an extra is some sort of acknowledgement that it will have its limitations in this area. Having said that it does introduce a whole new concept and way of working – where the touch screen will replace the mouse.

I for one can’t wait.