We take technology for granted

I gave an online demonstration to a potential new client the other day of e-conomic our preferred online accounting system. As well as the client, one of my partners from another office was also joining in on the conference.

I used a piece of software called GotoMeeting which enabled all of us to join in on a conference call and allowing the other two parties to view my PC Screen whilst I was going through the software.

This is not new technology – it has been around for a long time. But I wonder if anyone stops and thinks just how clever it all is. Computers, the internet, smartphones etc have become such a major part of our life that the sheer brilliance of it all tends to get overlooked and we just take the whole thing for granted.

It has often been said the the computing power in a modern iphone greatly exceeds that used in the Apollo 11 moon landings – incredible to think what can be achieved and I wonder if we look back on this era in a few years time what will be the state of art technology at the the time which we will also be taking for granted.

It never ceases to amaze me!