Unless you’ve been sitting in a corner, eyes tight shut and hands over your ears – and let’s be honest, some days that’s awfully tempting – you’ll have heard of Cloud Computing, accessing your programmes and data via the internet.

In the past a lot of clients have told us they’re very happy as they are. To which we can only respond – well of course you are. Why wouldn’t you be? After all, we were all happy enough with telex in its day, then faxes came along worked a treat and made communication even quicker. And remember the first mobiles? Chunky enough to give you a hernia, but you could speak to people from all sorts of places! Then phones got smaller but could do so much more. And while the phones got smaller the internet got bigger!

Whilst we personally love new technology, we’re not saying you have to. What we are asking though is can your business afford to ignore it? An ostrich approach just doesn’t cut it in today’s business world.



The list of reasons for utilising the Cloud is pretty long but just to pick out a few points:

  • It offers 24/7 access from wherever you are.
  • It makes collaboration with colleagues and clients in real time, a doddle.
  • Data is completely safe with continuous automatic back up.

We think all of this makes it less cloud cuckoo and more just plain common sense?


Education and Advice
A considerable amount is written about the cloud – some of it confusing and contradictory. We cut through the techno-babble with straightforward, easy to understand input and advice on how you can best utilise what’s available to move your business forward.

Implementation and Ongoing Support
We work with you to decide which of the various online systems is best going to meet your individual requirements. We then plan and implement transfer of your business processes which, in most cases, is a more straightforward exercise than you might fear. We also provide ongoing shoulder to lean on as any queries arise.

Training in all online processes and systems can be arranged to suit the specific needs of your business and your staff. This can be done on a one to one, desk-side basis or in a group, classroom format.

Cloud Computing Services

What our clients say:

“Richard has been a huge source of support and wise advice for the charity from its very beginnings. He’s always more than prepared to put in time, effort and any specific research necessary, to ensure we’re operating at maximum efficiency and financial effectiveness.”

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