Saas – what is the Tipping Point?

Returning to a favourite theme (have I ever left it?),  I was having an interesting exchange via email and Twitter with Maria Sadler of e-conomic. I had raised my usual question of how to persuade the diehard Sage users – and in this instance, specifically the Online 50 users – to move to real online … Continued

SaaS – The green shoots of acceptance?

Three apparently disparate items caught my attention this week which makes me wonder whether, at long last  the inevitable acceptance of Online Accounting may just have started. The first was Dennis Howlett’s interview with Andre K of Twinfield. It was an enlightening review of Twinfield’s experience in rolling out the product in the Netherlands. What … Continued

The Democratic requirement for a General Election

Gordon Brown’s pathetic attempts to cling onto office flies in the face of everything our democracy should stand for. Apart from the fact that the electorate never had the opportunity to vote for him as Prime Minister in the first place  – and yes I know that this is not a requirement of our constitution, … Continued