The ICAEW Cloud Conference – a rider

It is interesting – and indeed, positive – that my recent blog on the ICAEW Cloud Conference held on Friday 24th September caused such debate. Debate is good – especially when it is of a positive nature. I don’t wish to prolong the debate – or defend my position – but I thought it worthwhile … Continued

The ICAEW Cloud conference – yet another missed opportunity

As I mentioned in my recent post, I attended the ICAEW’s Cloud Conference on Friday 24th September. I had mentioned that I did not have high hopes for this and sadly my concerns were justified – but not, interestingly, for the reasons I had feared. Firstly the positive points – there were some. The fact … Continued

It’s getting Cloudier

Last week, I was asked at short notice to speak at one of the sessions at the Finance Directors Summit held at Hook in Hampshire. I was asked to speak and chair a discussion on the future of mobile computing and the cloud and in a room of about 30 FD’s from varying sizes of … Continued

When your IT infrastructure fails

I have spent an interesting day at the Speciality and Fine Foods Fair at Olympia where my wife, Marilyn, has been speaking on marketing at one of the small business forums. As well as eating myself silly with all the wonderful samples on offer, I did do some useful networking and had an interesting conversation … Continued

The Cloud – I defy you not to use it!

I am grateful to my friend Mark Davis for spending time with me yesterday and giving me a demonstration of Twinfield. I will not in this blog go through the aspects of the system (I am currently working on a comparison of the various accounting offerings) but what struck me after the demonstration was the … Continued