Have Cloud – will travel

Little did I think when I started my consultancy with E-conomic that I would find myself involved in international travel, but life continues to be full of little surprises. Having spent a few days in Copenhagen recently visiting the E-conomic team I now find myself planning a trip on November 7th to Kuala Lumpur where … Continued

The Cloud – a clarification.

I had an interesting meeting on Friday with Richard Anning of the ICAEW IT faculty. I had asked for the meeting to clarify some of the points I had raised following the recent ICAEW Cloud Computing Conference. We had a frank and full discussion on our relative views and I am grateful to Richard for his … Continued

The Cloud -Common sense at last!

I spent Thursday and Friday last week in Birmingham where I attended the 2020 Group annual conference. I was assisting E-conomic on their exhibition stand but did have the opportunity to sit in on a few of the sessions. The theme of the conference was “The changing face of accounting…” and it majored heavily on … Continued

The Cloud and iXBRL – a marriage made in heaven?

I have just attended the ICAEW XBRL roadshow at Moorgate Place (I seem to be spending a lot of time there lately). The roadshow was attended by 150 delegates from both profession and industry and was an enlightening overview of what must be the biggest change in accounting procedures for some considerable time. It will … Continued