Accountants need to distinguish themselves from the herd

@Bookmarklee posted a very interesting item on his excellent Blog site, “No long term future for “Halfway house” firms of accountants. His points, as usual, were well made but I am prompted to add a few further comments. Most mid-size accounting practices have very little to offer that distinguishes them from eachother. They will all … Continued

The Virtual Office

One of the advantages in setting up my new business, RFM Associates is that I now have the opportunity to practice what I have been preaching about setting up a virtual office. Events have proceeded much quicker than I had originally anticipated and I now have Uzma Fatima working with me and running our ever … Continued

Vantis the downfall – lessons to be learnt

As the dust begins to settle on the implosion of Vantis, it is perhaps opportune to look back and consider some of the lessons that might be learnt from the unseemly fall of a top 20 accountancy firm. No doubt in time, we may learn more of what really caused its demise – Stanford was … Continued

The Cloud – it’s growing up!

I spent two days last week at the Cloud Computing World Forum at Olympia. I am grateful to David Terrar for arranging for me to chair two panel sessions. Although the exhibition stands at the conference were heavily biased to the technical side of the cloud (I must confess to having asked one exhibitor what … Continued