Where is the “M” in “SME”?

I spent an interesting day at Accountex last week – I know, I know, we accountants certainly know how to party! I was there to catch up with the latest software offerings and meet current and potential future suppliers. The overriding emphasis of course was Cloud and in truth the few desktop software providers stuck … Continued

When I first heard the term “disruptive technology” I asked the speaker why they were being negative about the subject being discussed. It was then patiently explained to me that disruptive meant a game changer – something that was going to disrupt the norm and alter the way things were done. An excellent example of … Continued

Crystal Ball Gazing

Some years ago BMW used to run a series of adverts on April Fools day “publicising” a new (spoof) feature. One that has always stuck in my mind was a “feature” enabling the driver to check the car’s tyre pressures from inside the cockpit. The additional clever twist was that the reading automatically adjusted for … Continued

Cloud Accounting – Time to “Reviso” your approach

CLOUD ACCOUNTING – Time to “Reviso” your approach. With the explosion in take up of cloud accounting the issue has become, not “should we adopt cloud accounting” but “what system should we use”. The market place has been swamped with new systems and it is probably fair to say that the majority of newcomers to Cloud … Continued

Cloud – then and now

When I was writing about the cloud three years ago it was a concept that, whilst a no brainer to the enlightened minority, to many it was the stuff of fantasists with no place in the staid world of the Accountant. Trying to promote the concept at the many conferences I attended was akin to pushing … Continued

Summer Newsletter

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Look – no wires

I recall a visit some years ago to the Royal Festival Hall for a concert. As we passed the sound desk with cables snaking out in all directions looking like a reject from an early Dr Who set, my wife commented that it reminded her of our living room – at which point the sound … Continued

Forecast Cloudy for 2014

It has been some time since I updated my blog – due in no small part to pressures of work and other life incidents getting in the way. But I am glad to say that my muse has found me again and encouraged me to return to my keyboard. During this enforced “sabbatical” from writing … Continued

England ….oh England!

I should state from the outset that my knowledge of sport is less than minimal and… usually…my interest therein is non -existant. When colleagues go into rapture about the latest football match, when to listen to them, one would think that they actually had taken part themselves, sends me to sleep quicker then the strongest … Continued