Cloud Computing – keep it simple

With Cloud Computing entering – possibly – its puberty, there is much discussion in the blogs and via Twitter as to its exact definition. Much has been written on the subject and there are some extremely good blogs etc out there dealing with the point. The problem, to my mind, is that – I suppose … Continued

England ….oh England!

I should state from the outset that my knowledge of sport is less than minimal and… usually…my interest therein is non -existant. When colleagues go into rapture about the latest football match, when to listen to them, one would think that they actually had taken part themselves, sends me to sleep quicker then the strongest … Continued

The Cloud – a silver lining?

When I first became involved with Cloud Computing about 9 years ago (I didn’t realise it was called Cloud Computing then let alone SaaS!), Easycounting was one of the only internet accounting models arround. The major issue then was convincing practitioners that the concept was valid and how it would increase efficiencies and improve client … Continued

Cloud Computing – becoming mainstream?

A four page spread on Cloud Computing in last week’s Sunday Times magazine was an interesting event. The fact that a major piece of coverage was given to the concept was interesting in itself, but has Cloud Computing become sufficiently mainstream that a major newspaper is writing about it? Or is this the start of … Continued

ITV – not keeping up with the times

The news that ITV has sufferred from a loss in advertising revenues is not really surpriisng. Obviously, the current recession will have been a major factor but so would the change in in peoples viewing habits. With an increase in the use of systems such as Sky +, viewers can now choose what to watch … Continued

Technology – then and now.

Looking back at over 30+years in the profession, it is fascinating to see how the technology has evolved over that time. I remember when I was under articles (as it was quaintly called) that we weren’t allowed to use the one armed bandit type adding machines until we had passed our intermediate exams (no one … Continued