Cloud Computing White Paper….a statement of the obvious.

An article in Accountancy Age “Cloud computing will alter landscape” caught my attention. It is reporting on a recently published white paper by Aqilla which in itself quotes Gartner’s prediction that in the next 12 months we are likely to see a spike in the industry with the market expanding by two thirds to $16bn … Continued

The “Why” of SaaS

I received a comment to a post that I had made on another site regarding the factors that would persuade someone to adopt SaaS as opposed to a standard onpremise solution. The comment came from Charles Verrier and his comments so succinctly explain the “Why” of SaaS that they could almost be the definitive justification … Continued

The Google Operating System – A new beginning?

I thought I would jump in and add my ha’pennyworth to the numerous comments to the announcement, by Google, of the intended launch of their Chrome operating system. Understandably, the press and the blogging community have had a field day predicting the beginning of the end of Microsoft’s dominance in the PC OS market and … Continued

Saas – the problem with new concepts.

Nothing changes – the reason why we don’t like to try anything new! [youtube=] Tweet