The Internet – no longer free?

The news that The Times and Sunday Times are going to start charging for their online content is a worrying paradigm shift in the way that online information will be made available in the future. Whilst of course, charging for online content is not a new idea – there are numerous sites that do this … Continued

Head in the Cloud – feet on the Ground?

I have been working hard on the set up for my “big new client”. A major element of the brief was the change over from their existing Sage accounting system to E-conomic a Cloud based SaaS application. As part of the process, the client has requested that we bring into E-conomic, the historical data so … Continued

My computer doesn’t understand me (sob!)

Back in the distant past of the late 90’s, I experimented with using voice dictation software. This was meant to be the next great thing – imagine, dictating directly to the computer, just print out and you’re done. No need for secretaries, cut down on your overheads and your away. Simples! Except, of course, it … Continued