Upgrading to Windows 7 – thanks to the Cloud

I have just upgraded my Laptop to Windows 7. Not an exercise for the faint hearted, but after a few failed attempts I succeeded. I had previously been using XP and over the years I had downloaded so much rubbish and deleted loads more, the whole system was getting decidedly dodgy. And when it took … Continued

Kindle (Part 2) – Function over form?

I had an interesting meeting with David Terrar discussing all things Cloud, gadgets and generally putting the world to rights. I happened to mention my new Kindle and that my wife, who is a self-confessed bookaholic, said she would never use one. There is no substitute, she says, for the feel and smell of a … Continued

Sage – you’ve got to love them (not!)

This is a true story (only the names and a few of the facts have been changed to protect the innocent!) A client rings me the other day ..”I have a bit of a problem. I need to get my accounts done very urgently… problems with the bank etc. Can you turn them round quickly … Continued

Travelling Light

I am writing this blog, sitting in the kitchen at my son’s home in Brussels where my wife and I are visiting for the weekend. As usual when I travel abroad, I have my trusted Iphone – wouldn’t go anywhere without that – and my acer net book. It occurs to me as I type … Continued

The IPad – I can’t wait

Unfortunately, I am not one of the select few who had the opportunity to get their hands on the new IPad at the recent Apple Launch last week. So my views are based solely on what I have read and seen about the product having watched the presentation by Steve Jobs (what a great marketer!) … Continued