(Cloudy) Reflections on a conference

I had a busy couple of days last week – on Wednesday I chaired one of the morning sessions at the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum at Olympia and on Thursday I led one of the breakout sessions at the Accountancy Age Best Practice conference. Both were enjoyable and interesting experiences. The Cloud Computing World … Continued

Wolters Kluwer and Twinfield – Cloud comes of age

So Wolters Kluwer has acquired Twinfield, the Netherlands based online accounting provider. Wolters Kluwer who have CCH, the current owners of what was Viztopia, in their stable have made the first foray into the Cloud acquisition arena – others will surely follow. Twinfield, whilst a major player in the Netherlands, was always a bit of … Continued

Accountants…get joined up!

I have just been working on a particular client project that has involved, amongst other things, the preparation of a number of sets of accounts. I have been using the report writer functionality in my online accounting system and this has enabled me to seamlessly prepare the accounts using the same bookkeeping data without having … Continued

Apple gets onto the Cloud

The announcement by Apple of its soon to be launched iCloud service is significant on many levels. Cutting through the hype that usually surrounds any new launch by Apple (they have written the manual on effective marketing and PR!) there is a serious statement of intent as to the way they are directing their resources … Continued