Head in the Clouds?

An interesting point arose the other day in resonding to a point raised by Rob Watson in commenting on my Blog “Dynamo or Dinosaur”. The issue had been raised about the danger of data being lost if an SaaS provider went down and I had responded that if the accountant is in the loop, they … Continued

Dynamo or Dinosaur?

The wonderful benefits of the Web, and by definition, Cloud Computing, is the availability of documents, saved pages, bookmarks etc, irrespective of where you happen to be at any time. It is easy to get access to an Internet connection, whether it is in the office, your favourite coffee bar or on your mobile phone, … Continued

SaaS – is termonolgy slowing take up?

Software as a Service (Saas), Cloud Computing, On premises software – all in vogue terms sounding very IT savvy. But does the average accountant understand to what they refer – or does he/she even want to bother. The trouble with jargon speak is, that whilst it acts as a useful shorthand to those in the … Continued

Internet Accounting – an idea whose time as come?

I am constantly amazed that, in the age of the internet, accountants as a breed continue to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that the World Wide Web (even that sounds old fashioned now!) is a fad that won’t last. Even the establishment and especially HMRC have embraced the internet and from some … Continued

Cloud Computing – what a great concept

I have a PC in the office, a laptop at home and an Acer notebook (which I love). Not to mention my Iphone which will have to be surgically removed from me if I were ever to get knocked down by the proverbial bus (which is more likely as I am constantly looking at one … Continued