Cloud Computing – what a great concept

I have a PC in the office, a laptop at home and an Acer notebook (which I love). Not to mention my Iphone which will have to be surgically removed from me if I were ever to get knocked down by the proverbial bus (which is more likely as I am constantly looking at one or other of the above!).

So to be able to access my various files or documents, irrespective of what piece of hardware I am using at any particular moment is a Godsend. I use programmes such as Dropbox and Evernote – there are now so many we are spoilt by choice.

It is funny how things have come virtually (excuse the pun!) full circle – dumb terminals being linked to a CPU in the depths of the office – to the stand alone PC – networks – and back to notebooks with limited hard drives but the ability to connect to that great cpu in the cloud!