The mobile office – here, there – Cafe Rouge

I had a meeting the other day with a new client to discuss setting her up on E-conomic.As it happened the office boardrooms were fully booked, so armed with my trusty Acer netbook, we de-camped to the local Cafe Rouge and had our meeting there. Meeting in the surroundings of the local hostelry made a … Continued

Reasons to use the Cloud – Volcanic eruptions!

The Twittersphere is awash with comments concerning the unprecedented disruption caused by the Icelandic Volcanic eruption (not content with bringing us to our knees with their banking collapse etc etc). One comment which caught my attention was from @GaryTurner who wrote: “Waiting for the 1st Ash Cloud Computing story to emerge about people doing their … Continued

Cloud Computing implementation – a case study

Project Summary A new client wanted us to act for them in connection with the monthly processing of management accounts and preparation of annual statutory accounts. As a large (and growing) group of companies, the brief required us to not only dealwith the current situation but look down the road and plan for projected future … Continued

We tried to talk it over – but the emails got in the way!

I have taken a week off over the Easter break – haven’t gone away but decided to stay at home and catch up with some writing and a multitude of little jobs that have been waiting for a convenient moment to complete (and will probably still be waiting when I go back to the office … Continued

Will UK accountants ever “get” the Cloud

There have been a number of interesting announcements from various Cloud providers over the last few days –E-conomic announced the other day that they had passed the 24,000 users ceiling and Xero presented their latest quarter global results which showed an increase in turnover and profits. What strikes me about both these is that, positive … Continued