Cloud Apps – the practical aspect

With the rapidly increasing maturity of the Cloud, the ever growing advantages of the concept become more obvious. There are now so many Cloud based applications available that if required a business could be run without ever needing to resort to the basic Windows type PC software. I have been experimenting with a suite of … Continued

The Cloud – clouding the issue?

I have just returned from Softworld. I went this year as, for the first time, it was highlighting Cloud Computing and there was obviously a great deal of interest in the topic. There were a number of Masterclass presentations and it was good to see that the main one I attended – entitled Cloud computing: … Continued

Reach for the Cloud

I met with a new client the other day. He is setting up a new business and had been introduced to me by an investor. Once we had dealt with the formal aspects of the meeting, the type of vehicle, tax issues and the like, we got to talking about his technology needs and the … Continued