Accountants Club’s – a good thing!

All publicity is good publicity the old adage goes – however I was a little surprised by the response of some commentators – namely Adrian Pearson and Denis Howlett – to the recent announcement by E-conomic of the launch of their accountants’ club. I must at this point declare my interest in that in my … Continued

The Cloud – Debunking the myths

David Terrar and I share a passionate belief in the Cloud and all it represents, together with a frustration as to how it is explained to a broadly sceptical professional world. As a result we joined together to form Cloud Advocates – our mission to explain the Cloud in straightforward, jargon free terminology and show how it … Continued

The Cloud …if only

I was struck by a quote from Richard Branson talking about the recent fire that destroyed his house on his Caribbean Island. Talking about the loss of records that went up in the inferno he says:“……Running a business, we have a meticulous computer backup system so I’d assumed all that was completely safe. But it … Continued

Adopting the Cloud – has the chasm been crossed?

In May last year, I wrote a blog entitled “Crossing the Chasm – does it require A Bridge Too Far” when I referred to an article in Wikipedia on Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers a marketing book by Geoffrey A. Moore that focuses on the specifics of marketing high … Continued

Technology conspires against us

As many of you will know, I am a self-confessed and unashamed techno geek. If something can be done using the latest gadget, that’s for me, irrespective of other – possibly quicker – ways of dealing with it. It would be safe to assume therefore that the great god of technology would see me as … Continued

Cloud security – perception vs reality

One of the first questions that invariably get raised when I speak about the Cloud is…”is it secure?”. I attempt to counter this by discussing the potential insecurity of most office networks and explaining that in most cases the Cloud is considerably more secure as the various applications are being hosted in dedicated data securities … Continued

(Cloudy) Reflections on a conference

I had a busy couple of days last week – on Wednesday I chaired one of the morning sessions at the 3rd Cloud Computing World Forum at Olympia and on Thursday I led one of the breakout sessions at the Accountancy Age Best Practice conference. Both were enjoyable and interesting experiences. The Cloud Computing World … Continued

Wolters Kluwer and Twinfield – Cloud comes of age

So Wolters Kluwer has acquired Twinfield, the Netherlands based online accounting provider. Wolters Kluwer who have CCH, the current owners of what was Viztopia, in their stable have made the first foray into the Cloud acquisition arena – others will surely follow. Twinfield, whilst a major player in the Netherlands, was always a bit of … Continued

Apple gets onto the Cloud

The announcement by Apple of its soon to be launched iCloud service is significant on many levels. Cutting through the hype that usually surrounds any new launch by Apple (they have written the manual on effective marketing and PR!) there is a serious statement of intent as to the way they are directing their resources … Continued

The Future of Software is Online

….not my words, but those of Microsoft on the launch of their new online application Office 365. The cynical amongst us might say that Microsoft have taken an “if you can’t beat them, join them approach” as they begin to appreciate the major impact that Google Apps has had on the online segment, but I … Continued