Look – no wires

I recall a visit some years ago to the Royal Festival Hall for a concert. As we passed the sound desk with cables snaking out in all directions looking like a reject from an early Dr Who set, my wife commented that it reminded her of our living room – at which point the sound operator – who had obviously overhead her remark – replied “you must have installed Sky TV!”

He was not wrong – we had. And the back of our tv cabinet didn’t look a lot different from the multi-tentacled sound desk. This was 20 or so years ago and with the addition of multi speaker cinema surround sound system, the cables emanating from my tv cabinet would do credit to a major tv outside broadcast set up.

Which in this age of cloud computing, smart technology and remote working is somewhat surprising. It was therefore great to try out the new Sonos Soundbar and supporting wireless speakers.

I had already been using Sonos to stream radio and my Ipad music and was keen to see how the system worked as a TV surround sound setup. The key word in this is “wireless” which apart from a digital connection to the tv set and the power cables, it is.

The rear speakers are connected wirelessly as is the optional sub-woofer. The sound quality is superb and whilst I am in no way claiming to be a hi-fi expert, I would have thought that it would be sufficient for most TV viewers.

Its not cheap- a full set up including sub could cost in excess of £1,500 – bit the build quality, sound and wireless convenience make it a justifiable luxury.